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Is Adobe Experience Manager 6.2 the right WCM platform for you?

Adobe Experience Manager 6.2 is an enterprise-level WCM platform with tools for creating and managing websites and digital content that can be viewed across a variety of devices.

Adobe Experience Manager, now available in version 6.2, is an enterprise-level web content management platform. The software enables users to build websites, create and manage digital content, build forms, tailor content to a variety of mobile devices and delivery platforms, and manage marketing content and assets.

How does the software support web content management tasks?

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) 6.2 lets users develop and administer their own websites, customizing website content as needed, while also enforcing corporate design standards for the website and controlling user access privileges for editing and publishing content. The software offers WYSIWYG previews of the content that users develop and that can be viewed as the user would see it, whether this content is viewed from a desktop computer or a mobile device.

AEM 6.2 is a low-code web content management (WCM) platform that furnishes predesigned web content templates that enable non-IT users to quickly create new templates and content, without having to code anything or rely on IT. Authors and publishers have the option of using a standard classic or touch-optimized Adobe user interface to do their work, or they can customize their own user interface.

Adobe Experience Manager 6.2 allows users to define and implement workflows that fit the needs of their web content authoring and publishing processes. AEM 6.2 also avails users with a global search mechanism that can sift through enterprise-wide content if there is a need to research or find information on a specific target topic. Built-in analytics tools give users visibility into which content assets are used most, where they're used and which ones are driving the most click throughs. This provides organizations with insight as to which content is performing the best so that they can build more successful campaigns.

The platform features a digital asset content repository where users can store videos, photos, documents, dynamic media and other digital assets so they can easily pull content out from the repository and integrate it into their web content as needed. Both digital content and web content can be tagged to facilitate better organization.

The platform also integrates with other marketing software, enabling users to combine their web content with marketing campaigns and promotions. It also integrates with an e-commerce system that controls purchases, shopping carts, checkout and order fulfillment.

Who benefits from using Adobe Experience Manager 6.2?

AEM 6.2 is at its best in large enterprise settings where companies use sophisticated web content development and have an IT staff that is able to fully support and take advantage of its range of capabilities. The platform spans mobile content management, e-commerce, marketing campaign management and multisite management platforms. It's a good choice for enterprises seeking a well-rounded WCM platform, in particular, organizations that have established IT personnel and services capable of operating such a robust system.

How is the platform licensed and priced?

Adobe Experience Manager 6.2 can be installed as either a stand-alone, on-premises WCM platform or as a hosted (cloud) offering via a third-party service provider (including Adobe). AEM 6.2 is licensed and priced based on each client's particular requirements. If the choice is to host AEM 6.2 on a third-party cloud, users typically pay an on-demand fee to the cloud services provider for the resources that are consumed. Users can bring their own licenses to the cloud provider so that there are no additional licensing fees.

Adobe offers Gold and Platinum levels of technical support for AEM 6.2. Adobe Gold Support is designed to meet the mission-critical needs of large enterprise customers. Adobe Platinum Support offers the same mission-critical support levels as Gold, but also provides 10 direct customer contacts and on-site maintenance services.

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