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Is a WordPress content management system right for your business?

Could WordPress' CMS be the right fit for your enterprise? Discover how this WCM platform has revolutionized website development, plus how it can begin to work for you.

WordPress is an easy-to-use, all-in-one web content management system with a feature set that includes tools for website creation, content development, publication and social media integration, among others. Its strength is its ability to cater to the skill sets of beginner web content developers, as well as those who are more advanced. It can also scale cost to fit users' budgets.

How does the software support WCM tasks?

The WordPress content management system incorporates automation tools that simplify the job of website creation and content development.

Available for different industry sectors, WordPress offers a set of predesigned templates that provide design shortcuts for users getting started in website development. Some of the industry sectors for which WordPress furnishes predesigned templates include education, arts and entertainment, writing and books, health/wellness, and home and lifestyle.

The WordPress content management system gives users full control of their web content and website development approach. If users want only a website and an online store, WordPress can preconfigure these options. If users want a website, a store, a blog and a social media presence, WordPress can set up the overall web content management (WCM) architecture in that fashion. This enables users to easily direct content to multiple destinations and to operate in an integrated manner that links all of the content delivery channels to each other.

Many of the WordPress authoring and publication tools are point-and-click, so the process of developing and posting web content is user-friendly and, most importantly, does not require programming skills. Mobile-friendly websites and content can be created just as easily.

WordPress provides cloud hosting for its WCM platform, so users don't have to worry about maintaining an internal WCM system.

Who benefits from using the WordPress content management system?

WordPress is best suited for sole proprietorships, as well as small businesses with limited resources for developing websites and content. WordPress can also be an alternative outreach channel for larger companies that wish to establish a presence in the WordPress community.

In addition to providing automated website and content creation tools, the WordPress content management system is beneficial to those looking to create a mobile content strategy due to its mobile-focused content development tools.

For those without large, or even any, IT resources, WordPress is a good option, as it is a cloud-based WCM platform and, thus, eliminates any issues associated with maintaining an internal system.

How is the software licensed and priced?

WordPress offers three different web content management plans:

Its entry-level plan, a "free-for-life" plan, gives the subscriber an unlimited number of pages and blog posts, a custom domain address, access to a free theme library, 3 GB of space in the WordPress cloud for storing files and media, and community support, which consists of an online search and tips on various topics.

The WordPress midrange, premium plan allows subscribers to use their own website domain, which is nice for branding. Users get access to the theme library, and also have unlimited pages and blog posts. They get 13 GB of storage in the WordPress cloud, advanced design customization and email, and live chat support. WordPress charges $8.25 on a monthly basis (billed yearly) for this plan.

Finally, WordPress offers a business-level WCM plan at $24.95 per month, billed annually. The business-level offering includes the use of a user's own domain, an unlimited number of pages and blog posts, a customized library of 50 themes, unlimited space for files and media, and Google analytics.

WordPress also offers 24/7 support services, an online help function and a community forum where WordPress users can exchange information.

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