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Is the Acquia Platform a good option for your content management needs?

The Acquia Platform, designed with Drupal's WCM capabilities, provides users with a customizable system for creating and managing digital content that can be accessed on all devices.

The Acquia Platform from Acquia Inc. is a cloud-based web content management system for building, delivering and optimizing digital content and experiences. Its focus is on creating personalized web content and engaging webpages for content viewers, regardless of the devices they are using to access the material. The Acquia Platform uses Drupal as the foundation for its content management services.

How does the system support WCM tasks?

The Acquia Platform enables users to configure webpage layouts with drag and drop tools that are easy for anyone to use. Images, videos and social media content stored on Drupal or other sources can be readily transformed into web content and webpages optimized for viewing on any device. To do so, the system offers users both inline and WYSIWYG content preview and editing capabilities.

The Acquia Platform allows users to import and store content to a central information hub, which, in turn, makes it easy for them to search for, access and repurpose their content. Users can also develop customized workflows and campaigns for web content development, review, approval and publication that fit the specific needs of their environment. And, because the Acquia Platform utilizes Drupal's open interfaces and API approach to building its components, it's easy for organizations to integrate the software with popular third-party services (such as Marketo or, as well as to tailor the system to their specific needs by developing and implementing customized functions.

An additional Acquia product, Cloud Site Factory, provides custom web content management (WCM) turnkey offerings and templates for industry-specific verticals including healthcare, life sciences, government and media entertainment, to name a few. Pairing the two services together can further help organizations get their content to market quicker.

Who benefits from using the Acquia Platform?

Acquia's namesake WCM platform is a great option for organizations wanting to use Drupal technology for their content management needs, but that do not have the internal expertise to develop their own platform. Acquia Platform users benefit from the proven Drupal heritage that the system is built on, and they get the added benefit of a customizable cloud-based platform. And, for organizations wishing to custom program their own underlying WCM software, Acquia offers full access to the Drupal software developer tool sets.

How is the system licensed and priced?

Acquia offers its WCM platform via a monthly subscription that is based on the user's monthly CPU, RAM and storage usage in their specific Acquia cloud environment. For sites wishing to develop their own custom software based on Drupal, Acquia also offers a separate Developer or Professional Acquia subscription that must be purchased in addition to the basic Acquia Platform use subscription.

Acquia supports its WCM offerings with an online library of user guides and technical documentation. Acquia secure sockets layer (SSL) technical support costs an additional $30 per month. This does not include the cost of an SSL certificate. For all Acquia subscribers, Acquia Support provides assessments, diagnoses, recommended resolutions to application faults and performance issues, third-party integration modules and unlimited infrastructure support.

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