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The top enterprise content management system tips of 2013

The top ECM tips of 2013 concern SharePoint 2013: top features, administration tips and whether to migrate to the on-premises or cloud-based version.

With the release of the SharePoint 2013 platform earlier this year, companies are considering migration to the new version for their enterprise content management system, but are also exploring SharePoint Online, the cloud-based version of SharePoint in Office 365. Many want the features available in the on-premises version but also the flexibility of SharePoint in the cloud. These are just some of the issues that SharePoint users considered in 2013.

So it's no surprise that some of the top ECM tips this year concern how to script in SharePoint 2013, new features in SharePoint 2013 and whether to migrate to on-premises SharePoint or whether to consider SharePoint Online.

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PowerShell cmdlets help SharePoint 2013 backup

Microsoft is moving from legacy command-line tools to PowerShell cmdlets. With SharePoint 2013, it's possible to perform command-line backups of site collections with PowerShell. This article explains step by -step how to do so.

SharePoint on-premises vs. SharePoint Online

Many SharePoint users have invested in SharePoint on-premises, but there are justifications for choosing SharePoint Online (or cloud-based SharePoint). In this podcast, SharePoint expert Scott Robinson talks about the differences between the two models and how each SharePoint version should figure into companies' purchasing decisions.

The new features in SharePoint 2013

This tip focuses on some of the lesser-known features of the SharePoint 2013 platform, from site development to Web content management to enterprise search and e-discovery. Robinson explains how some of these features can boost site design and presentation, improve content search and access, and more.

IG forms basis of good records management

A proactive records management strategy that makes information governance (IG) central can help enterprises avoid costly litigation and lay the foundation for real information management.

Leigh Isaacs, director of records management and information governance at law firm Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe, discusses tactics such as predictive coding so that companies can retrieve more relevant information during content searches and more.

Tips for SharePoint 2013 training

Many a SharePoint deployment has gone awry from lack of governance or lack of user training. SharePoint isn't straightforward, and there are numerous changes to the 2013 release. While the degree of training depends on how users interact with SharePoint, if your company allows users to build team sites or to perform administrative actions, some training is likely necessary.

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