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From the Editors: Open source SharePoint 2010 collaboration savings

SharePoint 2010 collaboration is helped by open source add-ons for groups with tight budgets, use a farm to backup data and tune SQL Server throughput.

Even as Microsoft prepares to release SharePoint 2013, its latest update (now in beta release) to the popular collaboration...

platform, organizations continue to adopt the current version as they strive to become more collaborative enterprises. But in many cases, companies need to improve on SharePoint’s built-in capabilities to fully meet their collaboration needs. There’s no lack of SharePoint add-on products available for purchase from independent software vendors -- but what can you do when money is an object?

Cost is an issue for many organizations that need to improve their collaboration efforts to remain competitive with enterprises that have bigger coffers. Among smaller SharePoint shops, sometimes the way to do that is by developing home grown add-ons to SharePoint. That's great when you have software development expertise in house, but at organizations where budgets are being squeezed tight, developers, if they exist at all, are usually so overloaded with other tasks that new projects get pushed to the backburner where they collect dust.

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Another option is the open source community. Among our recent offerings in the collaboration space, consultant Shawn Shell presents an overview of some of the most visible open source options in Open source tools level SharePoint 2010 collaboration playing field. Shell says these technologies offer alternatives to commercial products for companies with limited or nonexistent budgets for expanding the functionality of SharePoint systems.

Another aspect to SharePoint collaboration and content management is protection of information when the unthinkable happens. Brien M. Posey recently wrote an article on just that. He explains that while setting up SharePoint server farm backups is a simple process, farm backups on their own might not be enough to protect your data in case disaster strikes. His article, Well-planted SharePoint 2010 backup strategy could help save the farm points out other important considerations and shares some strategies for backing up SharePoint installations.

Finally, in our recent coverage of all things SharePoint, Don Jones describes how to identify potential SharePoint performance bottlenecks and develop a plan to make sure that the collaboration platform runs quickly and effectively in SharePoint performance sinks, swims with SQL Server throughput. The trick, he says, is deploying a scalable back-end system that can eliminate SQL Server disk I/O issues.

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