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From the Editors: No magic to effective WCM; just careful planning

For Web content management deployments to be effective, they require careful planning and implementation for greater ROI and targeted user experience.

Mobile devices, especially smartphones, are being adopted by business users and consumers at increasing rates. And these new users are demanding a better experience on the Web. At the same time, a mature market of laptop and desktop computer users are asking for faster and easier ways of interacting with Web-based content.

As organizations look to bolster their online presences, many are sharpening their use of Web content management (WCM) tools. But for WCM deployments to be effective, companies need to plan carefully and manage implementations properly. In this handbook, we dig into the key issues involved in setting up and developing effective WCM initiatives and managing them.

First, consultant Geoffrey Bock explores the key issues surrounding how to ensure your WCM program will work in the mobile world. “ROI in Sight With Mobile Web Content Management System Development” makes the case for tangible business benefits to developing a mobile WCM system. Any enterprise that relies on its Web presence for business, he writes, would be well-served to ensure its mobile-ready capabilities.

Next, my research into picking the right Web content management system (CMS) for website development found that organizations should aim for unity between the IT and marketing departments. The analysts and consultants interviewed for “Picking the Right CMS Tool May Require IT, Marketing Unity” said the key to choosing the ideal CMS was getting those business units to work together.

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Finally, contributor Beth Stackpole digs deeper into the integration of CRM with revamped Web content management strategies in “Web Content Management’s New Role: Targeted Customer Experience.” It discusses how WCM is being pushed to the fore as companies aim for highly personalized customer experiences.

We hope you enjoy the insights shared here.

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