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From the editors: Document imaging, management need holistic approach

It's more important than ever to have a good handle on document imaging and management because of the ease with which we can move information around.

The business world is moving away from paper and increasingly benefitting from streamlined electronic processes and workflow. But properly managing documents -- electronic and otherwise -- is just as critical today as it used to be. In fact, it’s probably more important to have a good handle on electronic document management (DM) because of the speed and ease with which we can move information around.

The DM universe has many moving parts. Accurately representing paper documents, protecting trade secrets, ensuring that the mobile worker can easily access the right information and plan for an organization’s future needs are just some of the issues that document management practitioners deal with on a daily basis.

In this handbook, Steve Weissman, consultant and New England AIIM chapter president, explores the key issues involved in implementing successful document imaging, capture and management. He looks at how mobile technology, global business and security concerns have muddied the DM waters for many information professionals and provides the insight to clear them.

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First, as Weissman explains, creating an effective document imaging and management strategy is complicated stuff. The tools involved today don’t simply apply to snapping an image with your smartphone, but also to the capability of new voice-recognition systems for capturing information for later dissemination. The back-end systems require careful preparation to ensure that DM gets off on the right foot.

Next, DM system success relies on proper planning for the scope and needs of your organization. Weissman examines the strategy behind the right implementations.

Finally, he explains that while scalable document management technology can aid e-discovery and litigation support, saving time and money, such tools also help organizations in the regular course of business.

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