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SharePoint Technology Conference: Mobile tips and more at Onvelop talk

This news roundup outlines new developments in SharePoint technology and offers a preview of the 2013 SharePoint Technology Conference this week.

This week in Boston SPTechCon, also known as The SharePoint Technology Conference, will host a number of presentations discussing various SharePoint technologies. One such presentation will be given by Kirk Puffenberger, channel sales director for Onvelop, a mobile collaboration and communication software platform.

Puffenberger will give an overview of how Onvelop provides access to the SharePoint collaboration system from various mobile devices. Onvelop and its parent company, AgreeYa Mobility, are "really uniquely positioned in the mobility market," Puffenberger said, because "there are a number of applications that you'll see in the marketplace that provide access to SharePoint, but rarely do you see a solution that accesses both [Microsoft Lync instant messaging software] and SharePoint."

One of the reasons we're at this conference is that we see the tremendous growth of SharePoint; we see how important it is to companies and we see a tremendous movement to the cloud.

Kirk Puffenberger,
channel sales director, Onvelop

In his talk, which will be held on Wednesday from 1:30 to 2 pm, Puffenberger will also address some of the greatest concerns that come with mobile development. One of these big issues for mobile applications is figuring out how to link systems together in a way that maintains corporate security but is still accessible for users.

Onvelop was designed to meet this challenge and provide a user-friendly experience while also offering security and content management capabilities, Puffenberger said. One of the ways in which the platform accomplishes this is by "preserving [master data management] initiatives that companies already have," while also providing additional security precautions.

Overall, SharePoint conference attendees can expect to see a lot of "new approaches to a technology that's been widely embraced and adopted," Puffenberger explained. "One of the reasons we're at this conference is we see the tremendous growth of SharePoint; we see how important it is to companies and we see a tremendous movement to the cloud."

KnowledgeLake to serve as exhibiting sponsor

As an exhibiting sponsor at the SharePoint Technology Conference, KnowledgeLake will have a booth displaying their SharePoint ECM products and will also be hosting a session focusing on accounts payable automation for SharePoint.

The session will review a case study demonstrating how KnowledgeLake's Accounts Payable Solution for SharePoint can integrate with an organization's Microsoft Dynamics GP system.

In the company's press release about the conference, Vice President of Marketing Mike Butts encouraged attendees to visit the KnowledgeLake exhibit booth "to learn how Microsoft-centric organizations can leverage the SharePoint platform to centralize paper and electronic files into a powerful content management system that connects corporate content, people and business processes across the entire enterprise."

Enterprise Enabler ready for use with SharePoint 2013

Last week Stone Bond Technologies announced their certification of SharePoint 2013 for use with their Enterprise Enabler software. Enterprise Enabler allows users to access data from external data sources within the SharePoint environment without having to physically move the data into SharePoint.

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According to the company, the push for the certification came as they found their customers were beginning to make the move to upgrade to SharePoint 2013.

For customers already using Enterprise Enabler for SharePoint software integration, Stone Bond will continue to offer an upgrade option whereby users can move their existing integrations to more recent versions of SharePoint.

"We put SharePoint 2013 through a thorough and detailed testing process to assure the integrity of our customer's integrations in that environment," Stone Bond Technologies' Chief Technology Officer Pamela Szabo said in a statement.

HarePoint announces new knowledge base for SharePoint

HarePoint, a software development company whose products are designed to work with Microsoft SharePoint, introduced their new product, HarePoint Knowledge Base, last week.

The company specified that the product was designed especially for use in systems based on SharePoint and will incorporate all of the best aspects of traditional knowledge bases. "The basic idea is that a SharePoint case administrator can deploy and set up the product within a few minutes without any problems, and then editors can fill the knowledge base with content," HarePoint wrote in a press release.

HarePoint Knowledge Base was designed as a complementary product to HarePoint HelpDesk for SharePoint, the company's SharePoint-based helpdesk services software, and integration between the two products is promised to be available soon.

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