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The top social media jobs and salaries for 2014

Love it or hate it, the Web has ushered in new skills and jobs. Here are the top five social media jobs of 2014, according to PayScale.

Lauren HorwitzLauren Horwitz

Whether you love it or hate it, social media has redefined the Web -- and online media careers. As a result of Web-based phenomena, including search engine optimization, blogging, and Web and social media analytics, some jobs have been reconfigured to encompass new online media and marketing responsibilities. 

Seattle-based PayScale Inc. recently published the top five social media jobs for 2014, and SearchContentManagement has listed them below.

1. Search engine optimization (SEO) specialist
Salary range: $25,793 – $60,361

Thanks to search engines, and particularly Google, the currency of Web traffic is now invoked via search engine optimization. The discipline of SEO encompasses a variety of techniques, from researching keywords that can serve as metadata to improve webpages' rankings, to creating website architecture and taxonomies, to using analytics to understand the popularity of websites.

2. Social media copywriter/blogger
Salary range: $15,417 – $69,634

As an outgrowth of self-publishing applications and other Web trends, blogging can be a successful career path, according to PayScale's data. While some rue this trend, and the tendency for traditional journalism to be engulfed by blogging, some blogs have cultivated serious followings as breaking news outlets, vital community sites and more. PayScale also noted that the advent of the social media blogger tracks with a more mobile workforce.

3. Social media marketing manager
Salary range: $26,285 – $78,829

Social media marketers help to convey and popularize company brands and products through social media-based technologies. While still a relatively new title, social media marketing is, of course, an outcropping of traditional marketing.

Social media has become a critical new channel for marketing departments, as traditional print and email channels have been complemented (some might say overtaken) by new, often low-cost channels such as social platforms and mobile. Understanding how to convey a brand in these new mediums has become a viable career path. Just note how many marketing attendees you'll find at any social media-focused conference these days.

4. Online community manager
Salary range: $30,538 – $72,662

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Most industry watchers say online community managers can be the difference between the success or failure of a company's social media strategy. Community managers help to moderate social media environments, prompting conversation, enforcing ground rules linking participants, answering questions or solving problems for community members.

Many community managers are also responsible for using social media monitoring to measure engagement and other metrics in the community.

5. Social media specialist
Salary range: $26,939 - $62,051

This job combines brand management, social media marketing, copy writing and general management. Because this role is cross-disciplinary, it requires attention to editorial, analytics, and management and marketing principles.

Editor's note: All salary data sourced from PayScale's Research Center.

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