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Mobile collaboration tools promise secure remote access to content

In this content management news roundup, vendors offer options for secure access to content from mobile devices, and OpenText updates its document management platform for the legal industry.

Enterprise file-sharing provider Accellion Inc. now offers customers mobile access to Google Drive for Work and Microsoft OneDrive for Business. The company also offers connections to Windows file shares and distributed file systems, Documentum, OpenText, SharePoint 2007, 2010, and 2013, and SharePoint Online.

Mobile collaboration tools like Accellion's Kiteworks application and its connectors aim to support a more secure workflow by providing access to content storage and management systems inside and outside the enterprise, through a single mobile interface. Users can create, edit and share Microsoft Office documents, edit PDFs, preview files without download and collaborate on documents. The connectors also provide version control features, allowing users to maintain a single version of each document in its source system.

To help meet compliance regulations, the connectors support audit and reporting capabilities for content stored and shared in the cloud, including records of user login and activities.

According to Accellion, now that most businesses can't store content in a single location behind a corporate firewall, companies need to start addressing content storage and content access as two separate issues.

FileCruiser helps companies build file-sharing services in a private cloud

Promise Technology Inc., an enterprise storage provider based in Taiwan, recently released a private cloud storage platform called FileCruiser that allows enterprises to build in-house file-sharing and synchronization services that users can access via mobile devices.

FileCruiser is deployed on-premises as a private cloud and all hardware and data remain behind traditional enterprise walls, which eliminates security concerns related to public cloud services. With an app for iOS and Android, the platform can sync files across devices to give remote access to content, and it can help reduce reliance on FTP sites by allowing users to sync and share large files.

FileCruiser also provides access controls for greater data governance and security, including role-based permissions, links with password protection and expiry dates, and version control features. IT administrators have the ability to set limits on the size and types of files users can upload and sync. For additional security, the platform provides remote wipe capabilities, data encryption in transfer and storage, two-factor authentication, and reporting and auditing tracking.

OpenText aims to streamline document management for legal market

OpenText this fall will release eDOCS DM 10, the latest version of its document management platform for the legal market. The platform aims to address security and confidentiality concerns that are a top priority in the legal industry.

EDOCS DM 10 allows users to manage the lifecycle of documents, email, PDFs, graphics, scans and records in a centralized library that is accessible from mobile devices, laptops and in the cloud. Administrators can also manage the document system centrally, whether a firm has a single site or has a global infrastructure.

The new version promises a more intuitive user experience, as well as an improved approach to rendering forms that can save users time categorizing documents. OpenText has also updated search functionality with combined metadata, content and a Boolean search wizard.

EDOCS DM 10 is scheduled to be available worldwide in English and French in September. Dutch, German, Italian and Spanish translations will also be made available soon.

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