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Huddle updates its platform for secure collaboration lifecycle

In content management news this week, Huddle's new platform offers secure collaboration features and aims to corral the document sharing lifecycle with version control and analytics capabilities.

Huddle will add a secure publishing platform with an analytics dashboard to its collaboration software suite in early 2015. The platform allows users to publish a document to a select audience and then track who has accessed the document, which can give organizations better control over the full document lifecycle from production to collaboration stages and then publishing.

According to Huddle co-founder and EVP Strategy Andy McLoughlin, the publishing platform gives teams a way to share content beyond an initial working group without the security and versioning issues of intranets and email, where content can end up "out in the wild" or overwritten by other team members.

Features like onetime passwords and expiry dates make content more secure, not just protecting sensitive data, but improving information governance and version control. Users can also re-publish files and automatically overwrite previous versions. "You can be confident that people will be looking at the latest version," McLoughlin said.

The analytics dashboard complements the publishing platform by providing insight into whether a published document has been viewed, the percentage of people who have viewed a document, who has acknowledged that they've read a document and other trends.

Zimbra updates its mobile collaboration features

Unified collaboration software provider Zimbra has released a new version of its open source messaging and collaboration platform, Zimbra Collaboration 8.5. With the update, Zimbra has made enhancements to its Web application and server architecture to support scalability, improve performance and reduce downtime, with other improvements that center on secure mobile collaboration.

The Zimbra Collaboration 8.5 mobile Web application now offers a device-specific user experience for Android and iOS devices. The new touch client, which can be customized using open application programming interfaces, offers mobile mailbox access, while support for Exchange Web Services enables functionality in Outlook for Macintosh (in addition to a connector for Microsoft Outlook that allows real-time two-way syncing of mail, contacts, tasks and calendars). This version also includes offline Web client support for Chrome and Firefox that allows users to access data even when not using native data storage capabilities on their devices.

Another notable feature is Zimbra Collaboration 8.5's integration with Zimbra Social using single-on, which gives users that run both platforms a unified view of their collaboration and social networking activities.

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