Content management systems augment digital marketing tools

Progress Software is beefing up digital marketing tools for its Telerik Sitefinity platform, and other content management news.

Progress Software Corp. has released an update for the Telerik Sitefinity content management platform that expands its content management and digital marketing tools.

Improved analytics, mobile personalization and campaign support headline the release of Telerik Sitefinity 8.1. Features include marketing analytics -- with tracking and mobile apps that personalize experiences according to on-site behavior -- and customer relationship management data. Other capabilities include support for large scale email campaigns, language translation management and cross-site content sync, which allows scheduling and notifications for multiple online properties.

Adobe DPS update expands mobile features

A new version of the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite (DPS) will provide upgraded features for building and capitalizing on mobile apps, according to a company release.

Adobe touts the update as expanding the toolkit for creating and managing mobile app content, with added HTML support for Adobe Experience Manager, other CMS systems and third-party design tools. Added features include marketing analytics, payment options and a new accounts-control system for app management.

The updated DPS was billed as a core component of Adobe's Creative Cloud for enterprise, which has the stated goal of giving companies a creative advantage through the power of design. The update was released as a public beta in late June.

Hippo 10 update focuses on personalization

The newest version of the Hippo content management system (CMS), Hippo 10.0.1, uses content and context to deliver personalized digital experiences across multiple channels, according to a company release.

Released in late May, Hippo 10 aims to enable data-driven omnichannel strategies -- that is, in multiple communications channels, such as email, Web and social media platforms -- that deliver digital experiences tailored toward visitors. Added features include analytics that evaluate content performance and optimize display accordingly in real time, along with visitor-to-lead management features, new developer tools and an updated user interface.

Survey connects DAM software to ROI

Digital asset management (DAM) software can generate real value for businesses, according to a recent IDC info brief. IDC, based in Framingham, Mass., is a market research, analysis and advisory firm. The info brief was sponsored by Adobe.

Based on a survey of 123 digital marketing, creative and IT leaders, IDC reported that 79% increased revenue by at least 10% using digital asset management (DAM) software. More efficient management of marketing campaigns, better asset management and storage, and improved management of licensing rights were listed among the key benefits of DAM software.

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