OpenText content management gets boost in OpenText Suite 16

OpenText has launched OpenText Suite 16, with new capabilities to build apps on top of OpenText, as well as upgrades to its Experience Suite and analytics.

Today, OpenText Corp. released upgrades to its OpenText Suite 16, including enhancements to Content Server for enterprise content management (ECM) and Process Suite for business process management, as well as its Experience Suite for Web content management (WCM) and content analytics.

The OpenText content management updates are designed to help companies build applications on top of OpenText in a standard HTML5 environment, to get better performance out of Experience Suite and to be able to embed analytics applications in a variety of apps for easier use and decision making.

The upgrades to OpenText Suite 16 enable ECM and WCM capabilities.

1. Entity modeling release. In the Process Suite, nonprogrammers can build applications on top of the OpenText platform without having to write code, cutting costs of enlisting developers to build apps. These apps can migrate processes and data from a smattering of custom applications to reduce the costs of operating and maintaining these apps.

"Previously, the developer needed to know Java," said Muhi Majzoub, OpenText’s senior vice president of engineering. "You needed to know all the ins and outs of how you build procedures and rules on top of the business suite. And now, we've taken that complexity and raised it up a level to provide a user-friendly application that they can drag and drop to build with very simple rules."

2. Experience Suite upgrades. With upgrades to the Experience suite, Web content management users can create websites that handle peak traffic loads without a hindrance to performance and integrate media management capabilities for digital asset management. On game day, the Australian Football League gets up to 5 million hits on the site in three hours without degrading performance, Majzoub said.

3. Embedded analytics platforms. OpenText's analytics can ingest data from multiple data sources -- sources can come from Salesforce's CRM application, for example -- and present the data in dashboards embedded in a variety of applications. "I can embed the dashboard in an application that is proprietary to me. Dashboard, reports [and] charts show up in your native app -- whether it's Salesforce, Workday or a proprietary app," Majzoub said.

OpenText will announce these enhancements at Enterprise World 2015 in Las Vegas Nov. 8-13.

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