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ECM software in crisis -- or at a crossroads?


ECM as the backbone of content strategy

Source:  Data: AIIM ECM survey; Visual: dodoimage/iStock
Designer: Online Design/TechTarget

"Enterprise content management involves processes and technologies that enable organizations to capture, manage, store and deliver the information central to its operations." -- WhatIs.com

From its humble roots in document management, ECM has evolved to become a tool for collaboration, workflow management, enterprise social media and analytics.

Each business has its own content strategy, so uses of ECM vary. The most common were outlined in a recent AIIM survey:

• A searchable repository for active documents (nearly 80%)

• Records management (more than 65%)

• Internal collaboration (roughly 45%)

• Process workflows (just less than 40%)

The survey also indicated many enterprises are still configuring systems to reach the goal of an integrated repository:

• Only 18% of respondents had companywide ECM -- with 54% working toward that goal.

• Sixty-one percent of respondents were storing at least half of company content outside ECM/document management systems.

• Seventy-five percent of respondents were using more than one system for ECM, document management or records management.

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