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At Ignite, hybrid SharePoint a key theme

Hybrid SharePoint will be an important theme at the Microsoft Ignite show, where on-premises users may not be ready to go all-in on the cloud.

At the upcoming Ignite show, Microsoft will have to temper its "all-in" strategy for cloud-based applications to appeal to its existing customer base.

While Microsoft has clearly adopted a cloud-first, mobile-first mentality, and has pushed its cloud-based Office 365 suite among the user base, many companies have invested heavily in their on-premises SharePoint architecture and cannot simply move to the cloud tomorrow -- or possibly in the foreseeable future.

SharePoint Online, which is part of Office 365, may be a good fit for enterprises new to SharePoint and that don't have a great deal of legacy data in an existing SharePoint deployment. For most organizations, on-premises deployments are sprawling, chaotic and often require cleanup before they can be moved to the cloud. Some companies may, therefore, have to consider a hybrid SharePoint architecture for many years to come.

In this podcast, Peter O'Kelly of O'Kelly Associates discusses the importance of not alienating existing customers even while forging its cloud strategy.

"A high priority -- and probably their first priority -- is not causing disruption for existing SharePoint customers," O'Kelly said. "A lot of those customers plan to stay on-premises or hybrid cloud and on-prem, and there is a lot of uncertainty for those customers."

O'Kelly said that many customers may also want to wait to see what SharePoint 2016 holds before they make further decisions about moving to the cloud. Due out in 2016, SharePoint Online may be a more compelling scenario than the current version of SharePoint Online.

For more, check out the podcast above.

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