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Avoid the pitfalls of cloud collaboration management

Analyst Tim Walters explains how to build a strong case for cloud collaboration management and how to avoid problems that pop up along the way.

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As organizations increasingly find that employees are working remotely in far-flung locations and that real work can be accomplished using a host of new handheld devices, enterprise collaboration is getting renewed interest across industries. The increased pace of work, competitive pressure to cut delays and the consumerization of IT are driving many organizations to consider the benefits of cloud collaboration management. In many cases, as pointed out in this podcast with Tim Walters, a partner and principal analyst with Digital Clarity Group, organizations are implementing successful cloud collaboration management initiatives. The key, Walters said, is to develop a new kind of business case that avoids top-down theoretical value propositions. Instead, he counseled, organizations would do well to observe self-provisioned cloud use among workers and experiment in high-value processes before choosing technology. Demonstrable and repeatable small gains will add up to a strong business case for implementing cloud collaboration management.

Listeners will learn about:

  • The limited success of early forays into enterprise collaboration efforts and what has changed to ignite renewed interest in cloud collaboration;
  • The common challenges of cloud collaboration and how to address them;
  • Special security considerations to deal with when implementing cloud collaboration among geographically dispersed team members;
  • The importance of managing self-provisioned collaboration tools;
  • The value of rolling out a single enterprise-wide tool;
  • The best ways to ensure that once implemented, a cloud-based collaboration effort will continue to be used effectively by the entire organization.

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