Best practices in implementing an information governance policy

Expert Barclay Blair describes how organizations struggling with data chaos can begin an information governance policy initiative to regain control.

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Those burgeoning data stores of unstructured content -- containing everything from email and documents to digital files and information collected from collaborative workspaces -- are typically described as chaotic. This podcast, intended for information professionals and content managers, describes how organizations can begin to develop a framework for information governance to get that chaos under control. Barclay Blair, president and founder of Via-Lumina Group, an information governance consulting firm in New York, explains the best ways to begin the process of developing an information governance program. He also takes a look at best practices in governance and offers some interesting tidbits on how enterprises and organizations can gain and then maintain control over information for the long haul.

Listeners will learn about:

  • The first steps to take in setting up a viable information governance (IG) program;
  • Why it's so important to get real ownership of an IG program from a C-level executive;
  • Gap assessments and what they can do to set organizations on the right path to information governance;
  • How to build a solid IG strategy development committee and make sure the program is maintained for future success;
  • The role of an IT department in an information governance initiative;
  • The importance of a formalized plan to establish an information governance policy for both the initiative and the processes that define it.


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