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Cloud-based storage options for ECM

As an organization grows, storage for ECM software gets exponentially more costly. Cloud-based storage options make sense, and here's why.

As companies wrestle with an overwhelming amount of data to manage and store, content management concerns can hinge on storage issues. Procuring additional storage can be costly, but increasingly companies are considering cloud-based storage options as part of their enterprise content management strategies.

Scott RobinsonScott Robinson

There are clear benefits other than cost as well, including convenience, scalability, and, in some cases, ease of manageability. But there are downsides to weigh as well, such as data privacy and compliance concerns, loss of data control and more.

The major benefit of cloud-based storage is that "you are saving yourself the trouble of having to invest and maintain infrastructure for the storage," said Scott Robinson, a SharePoint and BI expert. "You pass along that burden to others. The check is less than you'll write for on-premises, and you're freeing your personnel to do other things."

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