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Cloud-based storage, rights management define 2015 ECM market

Our traditional understanding of how to protect and store documents will be redefined in 2015 by the cloud and mobile devices, says an expert.

Our traditional understanding of how to protect and store documents has been upended by trends like cloud computing and mobile devices, said Shawn Shell, an enterprise content management expert and vice president at Hitachi Consulting in this podcast on trends to expect in the ECM market.

Now that documents can be saved beyond a company's four walls and emailed around, companies have to think about new ways to control who has access to content and what they can do with it. As a result, information rights management is poised to become a key trend in 2015. "The problem is that when you pull that document out of a content repository, there are no good controls," Shell said. "We have come to the point now that there is such a free flow of information and there are so many cases where permissions in a traditional repository are insufficient."

Companies are also coming to recognize the economics of storage in the cloud, Shell noted. Companies are considering file storage in the cloud on a grand scale and also in more circumscribed situations.

"One of the big trends is that organizations are realizing that maintaining their own data centers is an expensive venture," Shell said. "Azure makes the economics of very large data centers very attractive. There is a class of content that just makes more sense to store in the cloud. The cloud has become a component of their enterprise computing strategy."

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