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Cloud file sharing protects data -- and human rights

LWOB aims to protect human rights in conflict-riddled areas. Curiously, protecting its staff and data brought it to a cloud file-sharing app.

The Lawyers Without Borders organization needed a file-sharing application that was secure enough to prevent the hacking of its data, but intuitive enough for users to manage and work with.

Lawyers Without Borders (LWOB) sends its attorneys all over the globe to conflict-riddled countries to protect human rights abuses. In some cases, its staff members are in danger and its data is vulnerable to attack because of the high-stakes nature of its work.

Indeed, a few years ago, LWOB's SharePoint portal, which housed sensitive documents about clients, was hacked. So the organization needed a watertight security document management and collaboration system to protect data, clients and lawyers.

"When we were younger, [document security] was less imperative," LWOB founder Christina Storm said. "But as our organization matures, we are getting embroiled in a lot of human rights issues. And it's no secret that human rights issues have increased exponentially over the past few years, and people's lives are at risk on the human rights front."

Ultimately, LWOB turned to a cloud-based technology to house its documents. Despite many organizations' concerns about the cloud, Storm said that the company ensures strong levels of security -- even in terms of access to its offices -- as well as transparency into its operations. Storm said that LWOB chose Intralinks for three reasons:

  1. It enables tight security for documents being stored and used around the globe.
  2. It provides a user-friendly interface.
  3. It offers ease of management and permissions for those granting access to files.

In this podcast, Storm discusses how LWOB chose Intralinks and how the technology has provided a new approach to file collaboration, sharing and storing.

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