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Cloud, mobile up the ante for identity and access management strategy

An identity and access management strategy has become more essential for enterprises now that data resides in the cloud and on mobile devices.

As technology permeates enterprises, it creates an increasingly complex environment for compliance -- and for identity access management. Records management and data governance have become more demanding than ever, as mobile computing and the cloud heighten the risk of data leakage and unauthorized access to content.

Scott RobinsonScott Robinson

It's important to develop a strategy that outlines who will have access to what kinds of data in your systems. Mapping out rights and permissions should be your starting point.

"The negotiation of rights [and] ownership used to be straightforward. But, increasingly, we're reliant on email as a mechanism for passing information back and forth within the enterprise," said BI and SharePoint expert Scott Robinson. "An awful lot of sensitive information began flowing everywhere."

Information rights management is an umbrella that doesn't just cover the original hosting environment, but rather an enterprise-wise scheme. It was originally designed to deal with the email leakage problem, but it has become increasingly important, said Robinson.

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