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Developing a scalable strategy for content management, collaboration

Enterprise content management and collaboration programs require more than just software. This podcast explains how to design ECM and collaboration strategies that can scale as businesses grow.

Successful enterprise content management (ECM) and collaboration initiatives involve a lot more than installing new software. In this podcast intended for IT, content and collaboration managers, Steve Weissman, principal analyst at consulting firm Holly Group and president of AIIM’s New England chapter, will explain how to design an enterprise-wide ECM and collaboration strategy that can scale up as an organization grows and business needs change. Weissman will share best practices for developing such strategies and detail the key steps that companies should take to make sure that their ECM and collaboration plans will add value to corporate information and help business users work more efficiently.

Listeners will:

  • Learn whether implementing a content management and collaboration strategy is primarily a function of deploying technology or of rethinking internal business processes
  • Find out the key questions that project managers and business stakeholders within an organization should ask themselves when developing a scalable ECM and collaboration strategy
  • Hear Weissman’s take on whether cloud-based ECM and collaboration tools offer any scalability advantages that organizations can’t get from on-premises systems
  • Get best-practices advice on the steps needed to ensure that an enterprise-wide content management and collaboration is successful


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Developing a scalable strategy for enterprise-wide content management and collaboration

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About the speaker: Steve Weissman is a consultant with the Holly Group, a consulting and analyst organization that focuses on process and information management.  He is also president of AIIM’s New England chapter and is an instructor for the association’s enterprise content management and business process management certificate programs.

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