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ECM software success is all about customer journeys

Customer journeys can aid in the process of optimizing employee processes and workflows, just as they have shed light on customer experience.

While customer relationship management has often been the application and the domain to lay claim to nurturing customer experience, content management also plays a role, says an expert. In order for enterprise content management (ECM) systems to be more effective, they should think about workers as customers to map and improve the worker experience, says expert Geoff Bock in this podcast.

"We've had this notion of customer journeys in the digital space for probably at least 10 years in terms of defining the user experience, the customer experience on a website. The time has now come to have the same kind of design thinking and take it down a level for the employee. We need to introduce the concept of customer journeys into the design of our ECM systems."

Traditionally, Bock said, ECM software has been a source of pain for business units. Customer journey mapping can alleviate some of that pain by breaking down how business units use software like ECM and better mirroring these processes. Just as customer journey mapping is about creating a more frictionless experience in the customer universe, it should strive to do the same in improving work processes.

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