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Enterprise collaboration tools hindering collaboration?

While companies often introduce myriad enterprise collaboration tools to encourage team collaboration, the wealth of choices may be a hurdle.

Most enterprises today suffer from a lack of effective collaboration, but they often have little insight into the source of the problem.

Shawn ShellShawn Shell

Companies now use a disparate, far-flung and poorly integrated set of enterprise collaboration tools . Ironically, if participants have "too many" tools at their disposal, the diversity can stand in the way of effective project collaboration.

"Organizations find tools, picking techs, implement them, and then nobody uses them," said Shawn Shell, vice president of Hitachi Consulting. "The biggest impediment is poor user adoption," he said.

Companies need to gather data to understand what is available in-house, how tools are being used and need to stay flexible to fit the evolving needs of users.

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