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Enterprise search software helps users uncover value in 'big data'

Analyst Cathy McKnight believes enterprise search software is the key to discovering value in big data and making it accessible to the end users.

As organizations generate and collect masses of data and information from an expanding array of sources at increasing rates, questions about what to do with all this "big data" and how to make it useful are taking center stage.

One way organizations are trying to answer those questions is by drilling down into their big data stores with enterprise search software that helps organizations enter, categorize and retrieve information from numerous data stores. "With big data, being able to index it and make it accessible to people really makes it more valuable," said Cathy McKnight, a founding partner of Digital Clarity Group Inc., a research and advisory firm in New Hyde Park, N.Y., that focuses on digital content technologies.

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This podcast, intended for IT and content managers wondering how an enterprise search strategy might aid their big data efforts, explains how search helps put organizations on a path to finding information when they need it. McKnight also discusses the role of enterprise search software in making big data more accessible and understandable so that regular business users, in addition to data scientists and other analytics professionals, can make associations between different nuggets of information and reuse it as efficiently as possible.

Listeners will learn:

  • That enterprise search software can take on multiple roles within an organization, including as a tool for big data;
  • The potential value within big data;
  • How enterprise search can help make big data more accessible in more corners of the organization;
  • Who the new end users of big data will be;
  • If there's hope for increasing the supply of data analysts and data managers in the U.S. and what can be done to solve the problem;
  • How organizations should prepare for the looming information overload so end users can make efficient use of company data;
  • Where the pressure for finding value within new information sources is coming from.

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