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Good mobile device management will shape ECM market in 2015

Companies will need solid strategies for managing the enterprise content that employees access on mobile devices.

Mobile devices have blown apart traditional enterprise content management models, but companies have yet to devise a thoroughgoing response.

Employees' ability to bring their smartphones to work means they can easily use personal devices to access enterprise content. So companies need to have a solid response to enable personal and enterprise content to reside on the same device as well as policies for what happens when devices are lost or when employees leave a company, said expert Shawn Shell, an ECM expert and vice president at Hitachi Consulting.

Mobile devices are putting pressure on vendors to devise not only information rights management approaches (see part one of this podcast) but also better mobile device management strategies that make the bring-your-own-device trend possible from a security standpoint.

"We've all woken up the idea that there isn't one unified trend for how these mobile devices are connecting into enterprise networks," Shell said. "Companies like Microsoft allow enterprises to better manage non-owned assets so that employees can bring their phone into work and use it to complete enterprise tasks rather than personal. How can we segregate personal and enterprise content?"

As the cloud, mobility and the reduced cost of storage continue to have an impact on the ECM market, enterprise content management software is becoming increasingly commoditized.

"There are just services that have become commoditized," Shell said, such as "media streaming services and large file storage capacities: These are simple examples of what we used to associate with ECM monolithic solutions. But in some cases … we don't need the sledgehammer. We just need something really specific."

Check out part one of this podcast.

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