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In the cloud, SharePoint WCM loses key functionality

SharePoint Online can be a simplified, lower-cost option for Web content management, but SharePoint WCM in the cloud lacks some of the important features of the on-premises platform.

The relative simplicity of SharePoint in the cloud can be both its strength and its weakness. SharePoint Online has a lower price tag and can free up in-house resources for other projects. But when it comes to Web content management, SharePoint Online is missing features that may be crucial to enterprises' WCM strategies. In this podcast, SharePoint and BI expert Scott Robinson outlines the pros and cons of SharePoint WCM in the cloud.

"SharePoint is primarily a content management system, and it's very good at what it does," Robinson said. While much of this functionality transfers to the cloud, he stressed that the missing parts in SharePoint Online can be a deal breaker -- like cross-site publishing, for example.

"In SharePoint 2013, the on-premises version, you can do a lot with your content in terms of distributing it to the largest possible audience in your content portal," Robinson said. "That feature is not available in SharePoint Online."

SharePoint WCM online is also not as easy to customize as the on-premises version. However, cloud deployments can be a good choice for companies that don't need all the rich functionality or that might be willing to cobble together a hybrid approach to SharePoint's considerable WCM powers. In any case, make sure you know what to expect from SharePoint Online before you embrace the cloud for your Web content management needs.

To learn more about the differences between SharePoint WCM on-premises and in the cloud, listen to this podcast.

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