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OpenText Magellan tech lead pulls back the curtain on its new AI tool

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The technical lead on OpenText Magellan offers some insight into how the company's newest tool came together and how it can be used for fraud detection, CRM and more.

TORONTO -- OpenText Magellan, the new content management artificial intelligence tool, gives companies access to advanced analytics, machine learning, enterprise-level business intelligence and more.

OpenText Corp. hopes the technology will aid customers in data mining and finding hitherto-undiscoverable trends and insights in their corporate data stores.

OpenText also hopes Magellan, now generally available, will distinguish itself from many other artificial intelligence (AI) packages compatible with its customers' systems, such as IBM Watson, Salesforce Einstein, SAP Leonardo, Pegasystems' AI tools and others.

Mica Block, principal analytics architect, OpenTextMica Block

SearchContentManagement sat down with Magellan's technical lead, Mica Block, a principal analytics architect at OpenText, at the company's Enterprise World 2017 user conference to discuss how the AI package came together over the last two years through various acquisitions and internal development.

Early potential uses for OpenText Magellan customers vary in scope from fraud detection to customer relationship management, improving service through acting on internet of things sensor data.

Block discusses topics including how the technology fits into the OpenText technology stack -- for both on-premises applications as a hardware appliance* and a virtual appliance, as well as a cloud services bundle, and when these various Magellan iterations will roll out.

We also discuss the potential for AI in general, whether it's technology available now or to be released down the road. It's everyone's shiny technology toy of the last few years, but what can an AI tool really do for businesses and consumers when you separate reality from the marketing hype? Listen and find out.

* Update: Since the original publication of this story, OpenText has decided not to offer the choice of network appliance for Magellan implementations.

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