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Podcast: Who should be in charge of an enterprise search deployment?

Organizations looking to set up an effective enterprise search deployment need to carefully consider the person they pick to lead the initiative.

As organizations jockey to remain competitive in a fast-changing, information-centric world, it's becoming more important to ensure that documents, records and other corporate content can be easily discovered, retrieved and distributed by business users. One of the keys to doing that is putting the right person in charge of an enterprise search deployment. In this podcast interview, Lynda Moulton, principal consultant at LWM Technology Services in Harvard, Mass., offers advice on how to go about setting up an enterprise search project. Success doesn't hinge on the chosen enterprise search technology alone, she says. It's also critical to pick an effective leader to guide the deployment so that enterprise search is valuable and easy to use for the entire organization.

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Listeners will learn about the following:

  • The first steps to take in choosing the person or persons who should be in charge of the enterprise search deployment;
  • Why it might not be the best choice to appoint a technical expert to the task;
  • Who should be in charge of putting together the technology evaluation team and what parts of the organization should be involved;
  • The importance of understanding business needs and what departments or business units might be prepared to lead the way;
  • How important it is to have someone with linguistic skills or expertise in charge of the enterprise search strategy and its ongoing management; and
  • The role use cases play in determining who should be in charge.

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