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Protecting content and consumer data in the cloud

Recent high-profile consumer data breaches have brought protecting this data to the forefront. Scott Robinson offers his take on the issues.

Consumer data breaches, from Target to Bank of America, and continuing revelations about the National Security Administration's surveillance of citizens' phone calls and emails has brought the importance of data security in the cloud to the forefront. Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak discussed the NSA incident recently in highlighting the dangers of putting data into the cloud.

Scott RobinsonScott Robinson

"The invasion of privacy that now is possible on a massive scale reflects on whether migration to the cloud is a useful option," said Scott Robinson, a SharePoint and BI expert.

"I think most companies, just like Apple, start out young and idealistic," Wozniak said at Apps World North America. "But now all these companies are going to the cloud. And with the cloud, you don't have any control."

But of course, technologies are marching forward, and many vendors are creating cloud-based enterprise content management software, and many companies are moving to the cloud as well. So what should we know about having our data repository in the cloud? What are the dangers and how can companies protect themselves?

In a recent podcast, SharePoint and BI expert Scott Robinson discussed some of these issues. "I can do an awful lot to secure email when I administrate the servers. But in the cloud, I don't have administrative control over email," he said. Robinson talked about the importance of developing policies and standards and other ways to protect consumer data in the cloud.

Check out this podcast here.

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