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SharePoint 2013 WCM makes enterprise content search a reality

Companies are struggling regularly to make enterprise content searchable, accessible and discoverable. Enter SharePoint 2013 WCM capabilities.

Many companies are trying to master the challenge of Web content management (WCM). Some have created intranets or other kinds of Web pages to publish content that is accessible, searchable and discoverable.

Scott RobinsonScott Robinson

But lots of companies struggle with how to create an organized, well-categorized content universe that is as searchable as Google's "self-organizing system," said Scott Robinson, a business intelligence expert and contributor to SearchContentManagement.

SharePoint 2013 is designed to address some of these historical challenges by using features such as catalogs and lists, which make content eminently more searchable and accessible, said Robinson.

This podcast on SharePoint 2013 WCM capabilities outlines the following issues:

  • How companies can benefit from a SharePoint-enabled WCM
  • How the absence of a WCM can create content-related problems
  • Features of SharePoint such as catalogs and lists that can enable Web content management
  • How lack of knowledge about the platform can undermine a SharePoint WCM
  • How to get a Web content management strategy in place

When you try to make enterprise content as easily accessible as Google's, said Robinson, "You have to apply a lot of standards, a lot of discipline and a lot of forethought to make that information discoverable."

For more on using SharePoint 2013 for WCM, check out the podcast here.


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