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SharePoint 2013 governance: Wrangling sprawl -- and users

SharePoint gives users greater autonomy. But without proper SharePoint 2013 governance, implementations can suffer from sprawl and rogue users.

The difference between success and failure for SharePoint can be proper governance. Without it, you have a series of sites and users and no visibility into the sprawling estate you have wrought.

Scott RobinsonScott Robinson

"We are increasingly seeing the power of SharePoint turned over to the users … and that is a double-edged sword," says Scott Robinson, a SharePoint and business intelligence expert. "You have to have solid governance in place, or you're bound to run amok."

But creating an effective governance plan has been a hurdle for SharePoint users. According to Robinson, training and education are two key pieces. Another important piece is better communication and monitoring of user access through features like Community Sites.

"Community Sites offer communication across the enterprise. To make that effective, you need to have standards in place," Robinson said.

For more on the challenges of SharePoint 2013 governance, check out this podcast.


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