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SharePoint search on-premises still comes up short

SharePoint 2013 has made strides but still comes up short in retrieving relevant information with its enterprise search features.

There's no point in storing content in SharePoint -- or in any content management system, for that matter -- if you can't find it. That's been a problem for all sorts of content management systems, and SharePoint is no exception. But the platform is starting to make strides in enterprise search capabilities.

Enterprise search features allow companies to search for files based on search terms within SharePoint, but also within other applications throughout a company, apps such as Exchange or Outlook -- and to do these things mobilely or at our desks.

"We need more information, and we need it faster, and we need it concentrated in one place at one time," said Scott Robinson, a SharePoint consultant and BI expert. "More and more, we have people out in the field and they need everything at their fingertips. I need whatever is out there that might be relevant."

But at the same time, SharePoint "comes up short" in its search capabilities, Robinson said. "We need to have the relevant information at our fingertips. It's hard to tune a relevant SharePoint search service to surface what is relevant."

In this podcast, we look at ways in which SharePoint on-premises (or SharePoint 2013) can be customized for better, more tailored searching, and foreshadow our next podcast, which covers the ways enterprise search differs in SharePoint Online.

For more, check out the podcast below.

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