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Social media monitoring analytics for the faint of heart

While social media monitoring analytics is still getting its legs, it's here to stay.

Social media monitoring is still new for most organizations, so best practices and methodologies have yet to shake out.

Scott RobinsonScott Robinson

But there are ways to maximize the returns on social media monitoring. Learning what constituencies are saying about your company, a brand and, of course, products and services can help executives make business decisions today and in the future. The metrics derived from social media analytics can guide business strategy -- if you know what to measure and what these measurements indicate.

But the future of social media monitoring and analytics is undeniable, according to experts.

"Social media monitoring -- even though it's still getting its legs -- is pretty much here to stay," said Scott Robinson, a SharePoint and BI expert.

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Robinson conceded, however, that this nascent field is still tough for practitioners to navigate as analysts trying to derive meaning from various platforms.

"Usually when we get into analytics … we're talking about crunching numbers and in a way that gives us some sort of strategic insight. And with social media, that's a bit nebulous,” Robinson said. “Twitter looks different from Facebook; Facebook looks different from LinkedIn, LinkedIn looks different from WordPress, which looks different from Pinterest."

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