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Social media monitoring software still presents steep learning curve

Why is social media monitoring software so critical for companies to understand their constituencies and respond through products and services?

Social media monitoring and listening tools are becoming key currency in companies' quest to understand their audiences and customers and shape strategy.

Scott RobinsonScott Robinson

Many organizations have begun to use these tools to address issues with customer services, develop new product lines and innovate, and even to help their constituencies during a crisis such as Hurricane Sandy, as the American Red Cross did in 2012.

If you care about … your customers," said Scott Robinson, a SharePoint and BI expert, "then social media monitoring software is an absolute goldmine."

As Robinson notes, the wildly popular Star Trek series was canceled early in its history, before the Nielsen ratings began to understand the concept of a segmented audience, much as social media monitoring tools help companies to understand different segments of their audience.

"The metrics that were being gathered [to measure the show's success] didn't break down the audience at all," Robinson said. "[But] Star Trek would never have been canceled if they had had demographics in place."

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