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The trouble with SharePoint 2013 migration

SharePoint 2013 migrations can be a bear -- especially with legacy applications. You need solid governance and planning to smooth the data migration.

For companies that are considering a SharePoint 2013 migration, the move may not be as turnkey as you think. Data migrations can be time-consuming, costly and difficult.

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In any migration, you have to consider your current environment, as well as governance and architecture concerns. And you need to review your data to determine what you will migrate. In addition to your evaluating your architecture and whittling down legacy information and sites, you need to review your taxonomy and metadata and consider secondary issues such as storage capacity.

"Migration is a scary, scary thing no matter where you're migrating from," said SharePoint expert Scott Robinson. "But when you're migrating into SharePoint from another platform, you have a whole host of issues to consider … where information is stored in a very different way."

In this podcast with Robinson, we'll explore some of the lessons learned from companies migrating to SharePoint, including the following:

  • The complications of migrating to SharePoint from another CMS platform
  • The important considerations involved in migrating to a new SharePoint CMS from an old one
  • The most common mistakes made in SharePoint migrations
  • Handling migration in-house vs. bringing in third-party support


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