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Using cloud-based content management to generate business opportunities

Too many companies view content management applications in isolation and don't think about them in concert with other applications and data.

Increasingly, companies are recognizing that for business operations to function efficiently, the applications that underlie those operations need to work together. So, for example, a company's customer data needs to be able to access contracts in a content management application alongside inventory information or company financials to most efficiently complete a process with all information at the company's disposal. Enterprise content management applications are document repositories with many of the content that is necessary to other business processes.

But many companies view content management applications in isolation and don't think about them in concert with these other applications and data.

"When we start to digitize these processes, we can streamline them," said Ron Miller, a content management expert and TechCrunch contributor. "And we can start to think about how they work together, work more in a cooperative way than proprietary software in the past has. It's an opportunity to reinvent how we work."

For companies to make the best use of their data, though, they need to think about these applications together, he said. As a result of cloud-based content management, Miller said, companies can now use applications whose data can be more easily shared with other applications. These applications are more interoperable and also more lightweight, so they are easier to configure and use. They're also easier for remote workers to access outside the four walls of the office.

"We have seen the move from big content management packages … and a shift to content in motion and getting this information outside the firewall," Miller said. "These are all steps forward in usability. Making it much simpler to do whatever your task is."

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