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Web content analytics still a black box

Companies are still struggling to measure the success of their efforts of the content they create on the Web and the impact of this content on their audiences.

As companies get more sophisticated in their use of websites to interact with their audiences, they are still struggling to measure the success of their efforts. They may gather data on the number of subscribers and page clicks, for example, but they aren't spending enough time thinking about more targeted metrics, such as, "What is the most popular content? And what kinds of topics do we need more content on?" said Geoff Bock, an industry analyst and principal at Bock & Co.

To address the "black box" of Web content metrics, companies need to think about the kinds of data they want to gather based on the objectives they are trying to reach with their digital content.

"People responsible for managing Web content need to sit down and figure out the actionable metrics they should track and tie these metrics to key performance metrics, or KPIs, for individual business units or activities," Bock said.

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Actionable metrics are the key. With every piece of data you focus on, you should be able to answer the question "how do we respond to this?" (since that's probably what your CEO will be asking).