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Where's the 'lightweight' ECM software users want?

Knowledge workers want ECM software that has the ease of use of file-sharing applications -- and the simplicity.

Knowledge workers have spoken. They want easy-to-use applications that give them anytime access to their files and data, regardless of where they are. Instead, they often end up wrestling with applications that make it harder to do their jobs.

Many companies are still using enterprise content management software, even though many workers consider these systems less intuitive than file sharing applications and more cumbersome.

Steve Weissman of the Holly Group noted that workers often gravitate toward easier-to-use systems and simply ignore the company-sanctioned applications.

"There are way more people using these services than companies know about. For most people, they need to share what they're doing. If the ECM system is 'too hard,' they'll find another way. The guys doing the work, maybe they have a Box account of their own and putting their work up there -- even though they're not supposed to."

But, then, why are companies continuing to rely on ECM software when their users gravitate to more lightweight systems, like file-sharing services?

Enterprise content management software is often the software of record at a company rather than these more lightweight, cloud-based systems like Box and Dropbox. According to some, companies have gotten boxed into using these heavyweight systems because they have already made the investment in these applications.

"A lot of organizations have massive investments in ECM and [the] purchase process is typically driven by compliance needs -- things that Box and Dropbox don't provide," said Laurence Hart, a consultant at Word of Pie. But if people don't use your system, you don't have content to be managed."

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