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Why companies still struggle with creating a social media strategy

While most enterprises use the platforms, many still struggle to create a social media strategy, with proper governance, workflows and employee roles.

Social media platforms are gaining steam in the enterprise. According to 2013 estimates, nearly 90 % of enterprises have a presence on at least one social media platform. But companies are struggling with how to institutionalize use of social media and how to use platforms effectively.

Scott RobinsonScott Robinson

Information governance and adherence to company policies has been one source of consternation for the enterprise. Defining user roles and how they will interact with information is another key issue.

But today's enterprise doesn't have the luxury of just ignoring social media. Successfully introducing social media into the workplace involves a number of steps, from building a business case to establishing governance to assigning resources and deciding how social media can improve business processes and employee collaboration. Making good decisions up front can make all the difference in a social media deployment, and in many cases this means introducing practices and roles that are new to the enterprise.

"The endless possibility of social media can backfire. It's hard to get a focus that will be as productive as you want it to be," SharePoint expert and contributor Scott Robinson noted. "Having a good game plan up front is one of the biggest challenges," he said.

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