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Why enterprise search still falls short

While Google can often find the precise search result you want, enterprise search is notorious for falling short. Why?

Everyone knows that having a centralized repository to access content is only so useful if you can't find the content. And as companies aggregate increasingly more resources into their content repositories, they are finding it ever more difficult to sift through their corporate resources to find what they're looking for.

This is the problem of enterprise search: Corporate users know the content is there, but they can't get to it. Many corporate users bemoan the lackluster results of enterprise search -- and wonder why it can't be more effective like Google.

"The enterprise search industry has developed, but it hasn't been as satisfying as Web search," said Ron Miller, a content management expert, in a podcast on the state of enterprise search. "It works great on the Web, but it doesn't work so great in enterprise search because your house is smaller. That may sound counterintuitive, because it's harder to nail down the best result."

Part of the problem is technology, where enterprise search applications still lack the sophistication of a Google. But part of the problem is also human, where corporate users often fail to upload, categorize and tag content appropriately so that it's easily accessible.

Miller said that search has to evolve. "We have to think beyond the search box," he said. "We have been conditioned to find information that way, but we have to start to look at solutions that think the way we think." Miller and host Lauren Horwitz discussed the increasing importance of concepts such as semantic search, which will find related content based on related concepts or topics. New technologies such as Microsoft Delve are cultivating new search concept.

For more, check out the podcast above.

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