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Will Web experience management kill WCM software?

Is the demand for personalized digital content -- and Web experience management -- going to squelch the Web content management market?

Increasingly, companies have to personalize their digital content to provide more tailored experiences for their audiences. Content needs to be more closely aligned with audience interests, as well as be aware of the devices that members of the audience are using at the time – whether a PC, a tablet or a smartphone.

Traditional Web content management (WCM) software doesn't necessarily incorporate this need for personalization and a contextually aware digital experience. Companies need to think about how they can make these experiences more personal and tailored for their users through the deft use of metadata and taxonomy, said Geoff Bock, an industry analyst and principal at Bock & Co.

"We've been in the midst of a not-so-subtle shift within the content management industry for a couple of years," Bock said. "How can content be transformed into an experience? We're increasingly expecting that our environments will understand our context and our intentions."

Bock noted that companies need to think carefully about information architecture elements, such as metadata that can tag and describe content most appropriately and allow it to be delivered to users based on their preferences. "The metadata associated with content and how these systems handle and manage the metadata becomes the crux of the matter," Bock said.

Bock also discussed some of the flaws in personalization technology today and how companies will need to hone their tactics in the future to ensure audiences can view content based on their intentions, not their retrospective preferences and interests. So, for example, Best Buy shouldn't continue to deliver ads to a consumer who bought a TV recently, but instead, other related products and services.

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Dead is a strong word. Changing and evolving makes more sense to me. I do agree that more needs to be done to make sites more aware of the devices I'm using, or things that might genuinely interest me based on what I've looked up in the short term. Some sites are eerily effective with this process, but many are way off the mark.