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Developing a social media strategy? Find out where to start

If the evolving world of social media in the enterprise has you feeling a little lost, take our quiz to help find your direction.

Many companies want to tap into the power of the social trend, but concern about taking a step in the wrong direction holds them back. Whether you're focused on external social media efforts or you're trying to meet employees' social collaboration needs under the looming shadow of consumerization, it's essential to match your plan to your business needs.

Some organizations are trying to boost their brand or improve customer service on social media platforms, while some are just starting to evaluate the business value of a social strategy. Others have been blindsided by social media's effects and need to gain control over tweets and posts with new governance policies.

To find out where you stand in the social media landscape and where to go next, take this quiz.

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Note: This quiz provides some guidance on developing a social media strategy, but decisions surrounding social media are complex. While the quiz may not answer all your questions, it should get you thinking about the many steps that go into designing and maintaining a successful social media plan.

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