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Register for AIIM's Certified Information Professional certification

AIIM has resurrected its Certified Information Professional certification, and you can register for it now.

If you're an enterprise information professional looking to take your career to the next level, certification may be the answer.

AIIM, the professional association for enterprise information management (EIM), has resurrected its CIP, or Certified Information Professional, certification, and you can register for it. The exam went live spring 2016.

While the CIP of yore focused on areas such as traditional records management, the new CIP will cover EIM more broadly, ranging from tagging infomation and using taxonomies and metadata, to governing that information through information lifecycles and retention policies, as well as using technology to automate worflows, alerts and more. The exam covers best practices and techniques for managing and governing enterprise information. The new exam and certification enables you to demonstrate your array of skills as an enterprise information management professional.

There are six areas of skills that CIP tests, and the breakdown of the exam focus also appears below:

AIIM CIP exam skill areas

Breakdown on exam

Creating and capturing information


Organizing and categorizing information 


Governing information


Automating information-intensive processes


Managing the information lifecycle


Implementing an information management solution


For more details on the AIIM CIP and how to study and register for it, check out AIIM's "2016 Exam Outline" here.

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