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Twitter monitoring tools take tweet pulse on the fly

Many companies have a laser focus on measuring their audiences' mood exclusively on Twitter. Check out these Twitter monitoring tools.

Of all the social media platforms, Twitter seems to matter most in social analytics for marketing support, and there are many reasons for that: It's the platform of consumer impulse, and impulse matters to marketers, who traffic in customer emotion.

And because of this, Twitter is exceptional in the domain of social media monitoring tools: Some tool suites crawl many platforms, some offer campaign support and complex analytics -- but when it comes to Twitter, some companies care only about the "feel" of customer mood, and several low-end Twitter monitoring tools deliver this in buckets.

Twazzup, for instance, is a great tool for simply jumping in and finding out what's going on with the brand being tracked. With just the brand name and a couple of clicks, a real-time update can be constructed, including the leading active influencers and the top 10 keywords relating to the search term.

Klout is a pretty big name in ad hoc monitoring, and Twitter trackers love it because it measures influence. But it does so simply, without heavy number-crunching, enabling rapid adjustment of targeted posts.

TwitterCounter is exactly what it sounds like, and comes with a nifty gift: a graphic display of Twitter stats, showing peaks and dips in tweet momentum.

Twuffer is easy to overlook because it's a one-trick pony, but the trick is a good one: It's the ideal utility for scheduling tweets. A business can run campaigns from it, providing it's getting actual analytics elsewhere.

Finally, there's the notorious TweetReach, which is legend in the realm of Twitter monitoring tools: It can map the virulent impact of tweets, mapping source tweets, retweets and replies, and tracking contributors and total exposure. Many consider TweetReach a must-have, even when they rely more heavily on other monitoring suites.

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