Altimeter Group’s five maturity levels of social media plan success

Jeremiah Owyang is a partner and senior analyst for customer strategy at San Mateo, Calif.-based IT research firm Altimeter Group. During his recent keynote address at KMWorld 2011, Owyang talked about the rising incidences of social media crises and how organizations can avoid them with a properly prepared enterprise social media plan.

Altimeter’s research shows 75% of these crises could have been diminished or averted through better preparation. The key is developing an effective social media strategy, Owyang said. The most successful organizations accomplish this by moving up through a hierarchy of social media maturity. Owyang talked about these five levels and explained the key to social media success is setting up a cross-functional team and developing a flexible charter or plan. He also noted that there were certain readiness requirements that would help enterprises on the path to developing effective social media strategies, and that there were certain fundamentals that can benefit any group looking to manage how it interacts with customers and partners.

In this video interview with at KM World, Owyang discussed the Altimeter Group findings, what they say about enterprises that face social media crises and how organizations seen as successful develop plans and design strategies that carry them further down the path of accomplishment.

Viewers of the 6-minute video will:

  • Find out some of the reasons why organizations get to the game late with regard to putting together a social media strategy.
  • Discover what the five different levels of social media maturity are that companies go through.
  • Learn about the steps to take to make sure the enterprise develops a solid plan for being prepared for a social media emergency.
  • Find out if there are differences in the way large or small companies should go about reaching social media enlightenment.
  • Get good information on the makeup of an effective social media team or center of excellence and find out who should be in charge.
  • Discover the importance of putting together a formal document or action plan around the organization’s social strategy.

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