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Creating a social media strategy: How to get it right

As companies try to engage customers and build new audiences, many are turning to social media channels to accomplish the task.

Shawn ShellShawn Shell

But these audiences are fleeting, and developing loyalty for a brand and a company culture takes constant effort and continuous improvement.

So, companies need to think about the intersection of their audience and the social network options available. Relationships may be enduring or transactional and fleeting, so you need to think about the most appropriate venue for your efforts.

"There have been many examples," said expert Shawn Shell of Hitachi Consulting, "where businesses didn't identify the audience well and didn't match the network to the audience they were trying to target, and they got into trouble or the efforts were wasted."

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Shell outlines a process for dissecting your business and its intersection with social media outlets:

  • Identifying your audience
  • Picking the right networks
  • Identifying who should participate (employees, third parties and so on)
  • Measuring success
  • Launching a process of continuous improvement

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