Deloitte actively refines an enterprise knowledge management strategy

One of the keys in developing an effective staff of knowledge workers is understanding the way different information professionals seek the information they use. At Deloitte, the global accounting and consulting firm with headquarters based in Wilton, Conn., an annual survey goes out to 182,000 employees in 150 countries to find out how the company is performing in the area of knowledge management strategy.

It’s a company-wide assessment to collect feedback on employee use of the internet, intranet and enterprise collaboration capabilities.

Rosemary Amato, the program director for global client intelligence, presented a seminar on the annual survey during KM World 2011 in Washington, D.C. earlier this month. She focused on one of the Deloitte business units, representing 12,000 employees. During her presentation, she talked about the importance of gathering such information on a regular basis so enterprises could act where needed. In Deloitte’s case, she said, almost half of all employees in her business unit cited a lack of awareness of information and knowledge management (KM) systems and tools. They also discovered an inconsistency with the way employees were using tools. Some felt search functions were inadequate and that there were limited opportunities for collaboration. All this led the business unit’s decision to redesign its intranet.

Amato also noted that there was a disconnect between the way its newest employees worked and the way Baby Boomers, who are reaching retirement age this year, got their jobs done.

“What maybe worked for the Baby Boom generation… is changing,” she said. “We try to embed in all our processes the concept of knowledge sharing… [but] it is a challenge. It will probably be more of an issue the next couple of years, especially with more of the Baby Boomers retiring, but it is something we have to address.”

In a video interview with at KM World, Amato discussed the Deloitte survey, its purpose and what might be done to preserve the knowledge of a large portion of the workforce reaching retirement over the next handful of years.

Viewers of the five-minute video will:

  • Hear how Deloitte fine tunes its enterprise knowledge management strategy
  • Get Amato’s take on how the results help inform Deloitte’s approach to making information accessible to employees.
  • Discover why the frequency of the survey was changed
  • Find out what the business unit has discovered about its youngest generation of employees
  • Learn about the challenge of capturing knowledge from retiring workers so that it is usable by the younger generation
  • Find out how regular training helps Deloitte employees collaborate, share and make use of enterprise information and individual knowledge

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