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Electronic records management software can aid paper-based problems

More than half of respondents recently surveyed in an organization believe that managing paper-based documents is someone else's problem, said Larry Ponemon at the 2013 ARMA conference. The founder of the Ponemon Institute in Traverse City, Mich., noted that despite electronic document management software that can address paper and digitally based records, organizations still treat paper documents as a neglected "stepchild" of sorts, Ponemon said.

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But he also noted that there are ways to address this gap in thinking, including assigning the responsibility for paper-based document management to someone within the organization and giving that person accountability.

Ponemon also counseled organizations to start thinking about securing information regardless of format. "Your mission is to secure confidential information. IT's independent of whether it's paper or sitting in an electronic file," he said. "It's governance but also technology.

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