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Information capture resurges as theme at AIIM 2014

Information capture may be resurging as a concern for companies, said information management expert and Holly Group principal Steve Weissman at the AIIM 2014 conference.

"There is much more to capture than just scanning -- though that is clearly an important part of it," he said. "Capture is bringing stuff inside the organization, wrangling it. It is an important part of every business process. People are talking about it more. Organizations that went into capture years ago are sniffing around it again to see what's changed and because they are ready for the next generation of tools."

Companies may be looking at capture more closely because it gives them an opportunity to evaluate their business processes to gain efficiencies and also to get a better handle on data as it enters the organization. By focusing on the capture phase, organizations can better categorize information upon entry, filtering data according to its centrality to business processes. Ultimately, prioritizing the capture phase may help companies to categorize, retain and destroy information appropriately.

"It's always been there," Weissman said. But "the simple fact that it has re-emerged as a hot-button issue … is interesting."

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